Proactive CCTV Monitoring

Helios is the worlds first Security Solutions platform that brings your CCTV back under your control.

What we offer

All the tools needed

By tracking all key CCTV information, Helios incorporates sophisticated alerting and reporting that provides security professionals with the tools they need to address the industry's most critical issues; Are your systems online? Are they actually recording? Are the images useful?

Helios Dashboard

Discover important insights on your dashboard

Helios uses an active dashboard, providing users with a simple visual representation of the health of all current systems. This will enable you to proactively maintain your client's systems minimising any potential downtime.


Helios cloud records all relevant data

Our extensive reports provide a simple yet powerful way of displaying the data retrieved from your CCTV systems. These reports can not only be generated on demand but can also be scheduled on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

How we help

Designed in partnership with security experts

Helios was designed in partnership with security experts to ensure it covers the most frequent issues experienced in the security industry


Customize and setup scheduled reports


Only receive alerts for the notification you want to receive


Continuous monitoring on your system that can be accessed anywhere


Helios can store camera backups to ensure your system in back online as soon as possible


Be alerted on malicious attempts to crack your camera security


Check NAS storage for remaining quota available and alert if failing to record

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