Our Helios development team is constantly looking to integrate new features into the platform. We strive to bring all the major brands under our umbrella, with the aim of extracting the value hidden in every installation and making it available to you. For this to work, we need your feedback. Get in touch and let us know what types of systems you have that will benefit from our custom reports and proactive approach to CCTV maintenance.

Below are some of the features we currently have, as well as some exciting upcoming features.


  • Camera Status
  • Alerts
  • System Config Backups
  • Storage Information
  • System Uptime
  • Camera Image Check
  • SMART Check
  • Network Storage Information
  • Automated Reporting
  • Bandwidth
  • Notify of Remote Hacking Attempts
  • Central Messaging
  • Full Cloud Solution


Once Helios has been deployed, the Helios cloud starts recording all relevant data.

Our extensive reports provide a simple yet powerful way of displaying the data retrieved from your CCTV systems. These reports can not only be generated on demand but can also be scheduled on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Maintenance programs can be a hard sell. By including Helios reporting into your maintenance package you can easily demonstrate your value proposition. Cleaning cameras, monitoring systems, health checks and other services often go unappreciated by your clients. Helios streamlines this process and also provides your clients with ongoing tangible evidence, unearthing the hidden value of the services you provide.

Our reports turn raw data into actionable information. From image reports showing you images under different lighting conditions through to analytics reports with progressive heat maps, Helios comes packed with standard reports. If you have specialised reporting requirements please contact us and our development team will be happy to discuss these with you.

You can run reports on the fly or schedule on a routine basis. The download link for our sample reports can be found at the bottom of this article.


Helios offers a response based, customisable email system. If a particular site requires alerts to notify the installer and/or the client of a particular CCTV system malfunction (storage full, time sync alteration, network interruption) then our custom queries provide this information, ensuring a full system health check is available at all hours.

By utilising this feature, you can offer a complete system care package to your client. By tying Helios into routine maintenance packages you can easily beat competitors offers by providing a superior, more efficient, proactive response to your customer’s needs.

Helios acts intelligently to ensure you only receive actionable alerts, increasing your ability to make informed decisions. This greatly cuts down the background chatter associated with turning on alerts found on many common CCTV systems.


Helios uses an active dashboard, providing users with a simple visual representation of the health of all current systems. This will enable you to proactively maintain your client’s systems minimising any potential downtime.

By using the Helios monitoring dashboard, diagnosing CCTV faults has never been easier. Whether you are looking at the big picture or the history of the most granular setting, Helios gives you an insight into the realities on the ground. With comprehensive site information at your fingertips, the days of aimlessly walking around a site to track faults are over.


As part of the rich feature set, Helios routinely backs up each cameras configuration.

This feature can save many man hours when a camera with an unusual or complex configuration needs restoring. By keeping an archive of backup data, you gain a history of the site and can easily restore a site to previous configurations days or weeks later.



Cyber security is now a real concern in the security industry. Exposing any camera to the internet is an inherent vulnerability, however, clients demand the ability to view cameras offsite, which means often network security takes a back seat. Until recently, this exposure has gone relatively unexploited however times are rapidly changing.

Helios will leverage your camera’s capacity to alert you to unusual activity on your cameras, potentially warning you of a brute force attack or any other unauthorised activity.



Check NAS storage for remaining quota available and alert if failing to record.