Helios is the worlds first Security Solutions platform that brings your CCTV back under your control.

By tracking all key CCTV information, Helios incorporates sophisticated alerting and reporting that provides security professionals with the tools they need to address the security industry’s most critical issues.
The software was designed in partnership with security experts to ensure it covers the most frequent issues experienced in the security industry. It is the world’s first and only CCTV management software of its kind. With all cameras and sites being located within the easy to use web portal, you can ensure your CCTV environment is operating as intended and generating immediate notifications of any issues.
Helios is simple, fast and extremely cost effective.

Why Helios

Cameras offline?

Helios will provide real time alerts when a camera or branch is offline. By utilising smart alerting technology, Helios will only alert you to the issues you need to know about. Advanced reporting will also highlight any ongoing issues where camera drop outs are a regular occurrence.  Say goodbye to trawling through an inbox full of alerts!

Are your cameras recording successfully?

One of the most pressing issues in the security industry is ensuring cameras are actively recording.  With on demand and scheduled reporting, Helios will keep you informed on the site recording success rate and will even highlight potential problems.  With tougher legislation around OHS & Liquor Licensing requirements, ensuring your cameras are compliant has become increasingly difficult. Don’t risk missing critical footage when you need it the most.

Inventory management

By collecting all critical information, Helios allows you to easily track and locate equipment.  Helios can provide you with all the information on your devices, from serial numbers and firmware versions, to add on modules such as GPS and Radar units.  This greatly simplifies managing your hardware across multiple sites.


Whilst strong usernames and complex passwords provide the first layer of protection, recent attacks have proven you can’t set and forget your security devices.  Helios employs a range of techniques to build on your camera’s security capabilities and alerts you in real-time to any unusual activity.

Lost camera settings?

Helios stores and backs up your camera’s configuration on a pre-determined basis. This makes redeploying a camera with Helios a breeze as you can readily retrieve configurations on the fly and from the field.  It is one of the many convenient features of Helios that will save you many hours of heartache.

Need that competitive edge?

It is often tough in the security industry to show your value proposition when presenting your end users with maintenance plans.  By incorporating Helios reporting into your maintenance contracts, you put the value of your services directly into your customer’s hands. Helios creates new revenue streams for both new and existing clients.

Are your cameras performing at all hours?

Helios collates images throughout the day from your cameras.  This allows you to review camera images under different lighting conditions.  Perfect for making sure that changing seasons are not blinding your cameras at critical parts of the day and that after hours lighting is adequate.

How Helios Works

Whether you have a 500+ camera site or a Rapid Deployment unit in the middle of nowhere, Helios has been built to adapt to your environment.

Onsite Deployment

Helios can be installed on any Windows operating system. The Helios agent is a lightweight application that runs quietly and unobtrusively on an available PC or server.

Following the install, all of your site management tasks can be performed from the Helios web portal, and all your CCTV monitoring is made available for you online in minutes!

For sites with over 20 cameras, we recommend an onsite deployment as it helps reduce network congestion, therefore, increasing performance.

Cloud Solution

Due to the rise in popularity of IP cameras and the introduction of Rapid Deployment CCTV installs, we’ve developed a cloud solution for sites where an onsite installation is not an option.

A cloud solution is as easy as opening up the required ports on the site router and entering the branch details on the Helios web portal. Once completed you will have the same functionality as an onsite Helios solution, with no onsite setup required.