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Whether you have a 500+ camera site or a Rapid Deployment unit in the middle of nowhere, Helios has been built to adapt to your environment.

Onsite Deployment

Helios can be installed on any Windows operating system. The Helios agent is a lightweight application that runs quietly and unobtrusively on an available PC or server.

Following the install, all of your site management tasks can be performed from the Helios web portal, and all your CCTV monitoring is made available for you online in minutes!

For sites with over 20 cameras, we recommend an onsite deployment as it helps reduce network congestion, therefore, increasing performance.

Cloud Solution

Due to the rise in popularity of IP cameras and the introduction of Rapid Deployment CCTV installs, we've developed a cloud solution for sites where an onsite installation is not an option.

A cloud solution is as easy as opening up the required ports on the site router and entering the branch details on the Helios web portal. Once completed you will have the same functionality as an onsite Helios solution, with no onsite setup required.